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A short outline of Kultur & Kommunikation and the consultants

Kultur & Kommunikation (Culture & Communication) has since 1996 solved assignments for public and private organizations. The specialties have been and are:

Culture- and Experience economy
Regional and local development
Network (public-private)
Process design and facilitation.

We design and facilitate long-term development processes, short-term meetings, conferences and workshops, handling every aspect from phrasing and describing the platform, idea, strategy, content – to engaging citizens and customers in inter-active processes, creating common visions and action plans.

The key word is innovative development = new opportunities for the participants
Our services include:

• Strategic development projects for municipalities, education- and research institutions, and businesses
• Project development
• Analyses and mapping
• Presentations and notes

Vision and mission

Vision – Our goal is to be one of the public and private organizations’ preferred supplier of visionary and value providing development processes.
Mission – We create value for our customers through creative and original processes which serve as a foundation for innovation of products, services, and communication, for employees as well as costumers.
Values - Our values build upon four core principles:
• Ownership. Every step in the development process needs to be anchored in order to create sustainable results.
• Learning. We believe every organization must a learning organization. Thus we educate and let ourselves be educated in every process.
• Network. When we build networks across departments, sectors and professions, we establish the foundation for innovation.
• Creativity. Through creativity we form the unique which can carry the company forward into the future.

The important agenda

Agenda and headline are important elements when a process is initiated.
Do you catch attention and succeed to inspire your employees? Or the customer and business partner?

Often times, you only have their attention for a short amount of time, and prioritization is done in an agenda-filled world.
Kultur & Kommunikation formulates an agenda that is catchy and gets people involved. Through lively, inspiring presentations and thorough documentation we provide both food for thought and fuel for the fire.

Knowledge and partnerships

Kultur & Kommunikation cooperates with a range of education- and research institutions which help to secure (for the customer) the best level of:
• Input of research based knowledge for the process
• Planning and execution of analysis, mapping, and research
• Development of presentations, notes, and strategies

Whitepapers & reports
Kultur & Kommunikation has formulated and written a number of reports, analysis, and whitepapers that contain valuable knowledge and analyses within a given area, which is of local, as well as global, character. Regrettable the waste majority are in Danish.

Primary areas of effort in 2007
• Citizen involvement and empowerment
• Culture- and experience economy
• City development and regional branding
• Knowledge, research and education
• Identity and cooperation – the power of connecting
• Entrepreneurship and innovation


Knowledge – relationships – experience

• Knowledge. We acquire the knowledge necessary to make qualified decisions. Research, analyses, investigation, mapping, benchmarks, and comparative statistics.
• Relationships. We establish the necessary relationships or networks between different departments in the organization, external partners, research, and education.
• Experience. When we experience, we learn. Therefore, a good process often contains creative methods, visualization, and challenging experiences. The goal is involvement, ownership, and to establish the desire to implement in the further process.
In the traditional perception of how innovation is encouraged, the process begins with research and development, that is, knowledge.
Our model represents a circular and systemic approach, ignoring the hieratic order of which elements come first.
Innovation can evolve from relations, experience or knowledge, anywhere and anytime in the process. We analyze which is most needed for which assignment at the specific moment and phase we get involved.

The people
Manager, Flemming Madsen, 
Partner, Kirsten M. Danielsen,

Clients, Products & Assignments

Products & offers

Our work style builds upon many years of experience with networks and organizations. We create involvement and ownership, so the finished product does not end up being yet another report sitting on the shelf.
The process adds enzymes from the external world, which serve to stimulate creative solutions and create new ways of thinking and innovation for the customer. Therefore, the distance between analysis and action is not far in our projects.


• Strategic evaluations/check-ups of the cultural institution or attraction
• Industry analysis and mapping
• Process design and meetings management
• Establishing and facilitation of networks and networking
• Municipal Strategies and Planning
• Leader development and education
• Lectures, Speeches & Moderation

Partners & people, we cooperate with

Kultur og kommunikation has a whole range of institutions etc. which we cooperate with within both public and private knowledge sectors. This means that we can establish the necessary bridges between research & education and municipality & region very quickly when it comes to development of educational offers locally and project participation.

Universities and research

Centre for Tourism and Culture Management (TCM), CBS (Copenhagen Business School),

Centre for Cultural-political Studies at Denmark’s Library School,

Centre for Regional & Tourism Research,

Centre for Experience Research at Roskilde University,

Research Centre, RISØ DTU,

Knowledge Centres

Imagine, Centre for Creative industries, CBS,

Building-culture Denmark,

Applied Municipal Research,

Excite & Aphex Centres, Aalborg University,

Rambøll Management, Centre for Experience Economy,

Private companies/colleaques

Knudsen Syd,

Hans Halvorsen,

RUMMET in Republikken,


Wischmann Innovation,

Saabye, Stendrup & Partners,

And more….

Most of our previous work and projects has been for Danish and Scandinavian customers and is, therefore, written in Danish. You are welcome to contact us for more information. Currently, we are expanding with English reports as well.

A selection of solved and ongoing assignments, 2007/2008:

• A visionary process for Ballerup Municipality’s board
• A survey for Nordic Innovations Center on Creative Industries Education in the Northern Countries
• Establishment of a national network of entrepreneurial schools, the Independence Fund (Selvstændighedsfonden)
• Development of a concept for the Innovationhouse including a strategy for ’Innovation in Primary School’, the business-driving fund Innovationhouse, Naestved
• Research on the need for new business models and establishment of education offers within the IPR-sector for the Danish Music Publishers
• Development of the project, ’Knowledge-driven innovation in SME’s in the metropolitan area’ or ’the Library in the Globalization-strategies’ for the network, Creative Cities
• Development of AMU-goals, ’Increased sales through experience in retail trade’ for Roskilde Business Academy
• Development and completion of the Master course ’Innovation Leadership in Outer Areas’, Bornholm Regional Municipality/CRT
• Policy paper for the Investment Fund for Experience Economy, CAT Innovation-environment
• Market analysis on the experience economy, Roskilde Bank
• Development of the project ‘Sports Centers and Event Economy in a Regional Perspective’ for the network, Creative Cities .
• Process facilitation, leadership seminars, proposals etc for the municipalities of Furesoe, Svendborg, Koege, Hoersholm, Hedensted, and West Himmerland, and municipal directors in the Region of Zealand, municipal contact committees in the Metropolitan region, and more

Reports in English

Developing Entrepreneurship Education Studies
A report on the last of three workshops in the project “Developing Entrepreneurship Studies” financed by the European Social Foundation.

Nordic Creative Education
A survey commissioned by Nordic Innovation Centre. The survey draws a portrait of the penetration of creative e industries or experience economy in the educational systems of the Nordic countries.

Short on Danish Experience Economy

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